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access_time June 4, 2013 at 8:17 AM in News by Charlie Grammer

Wargaming ditches the ‘Pay-to-win’ model

World of Tanks creator to ditch "pay-to-win" for "free-to-win" model.

World of Tanks creator to ditch “pay-to-win” for “free-to-win” model.

Wargaming made a post on Gamasutra yesterday stating that they will be ditching the “Pay-to-win” model of gaming and going with a “free-to-win” model instead. What this means is that all options that players pay for that would give them an advantage in battle will be removed from all current and future Wargaming titles.

When asked how long they’ve been working on this new model,  they replied that the conception began in 2011. They actually tested the elements of the new model in 2012 by making in-game items that were previously available only to paying players open to all. That is, they made these items available for purchase utilizing in-game credits.

Switching to this new model may seem risky, considering many free-to-play games rely on similar models or donations in order to make a profit and/or keep their servers up. When asked how they expect this will affect their revenue, however, Wargaming simply said, “If anything, the introduction of our free-to-win features will likely cause a decrease in the purchase of premium ammunition. At the same time, however, players will use gold to buy credits, pay for premium account status, or purchase premium vehicles. In the end we project that it will all balance out.”

So, readers, what do you believe? Is this just baseless optimism, or will their predictions prove to be correct?


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