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Killer is Dead DLC Details for Premium Edition


In Japan they’ll be getting a special first-run only, limited edition of Killer is Dead simply called the Premium Edition. This special, exclusive edition of the game is available at the same price as the regular version but comes with some exclusive content in the form of an extra downloadable episode.

The Man Who Snatched Blood is the name of this special content and it comes with “beautiful women, nocturnal beasts, and lingerie” and has been touted as being just as good as the episodes that make up the main game. When you clear this extra episode you get a pair of brand new sub-missions as well.

A new character named Sebastian appears in this exclusive episode, as does the previously revealed Vampire “Beauty” Betty. Check out what we know so far:

Vampire “Beauty” Betty
Betty a.k.a. “Lifeforcer”
B/W/H: 88/56/84
Height: 170cm
Age: 256
Origin: German

Betty is a beautiful vampire co-existing with humans (a real beauty) who loves wine, but prefers the blood of strong men. She becomes one of the Bryan Execution Office’s clients after requesting Mondo carry out the execution of Sebastian, who transformed into an enhanced being known as a “Wire.” Mondo will face Sebastian in his castle.

Betty only appears in the downloadable episode and is also the fourth Mondo Girl.


Execution Target Sebastian
Sex: Male
Height: 180cm
Age: 50
Origin: English (UK)

Sebastian is a gentleman with a strong interest in vampires who captivates beautiful women with his suave appearance. He hates being disturbed by people. An execution target with repulsive attacks, he transforms into an abominable monster when engaged in battle.

He only appears in the downloadable episode and is not part of the main game.

Killer is Dead launches in Japan on August 1, followed not long after with releases in North America and Europe. Release dates for regions outside of Japan haven’t been confirmed yet, but it has been confirmed that they will release at some point in August.


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