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access_time June 4, 2013 at 9:01 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

Children’s hospital rebrands chemotherapy as superhero formula

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Children undergoing chemotherapy at the A.C. Camarago Center in São Paulo are in for quite a treat. Warner Bros. has teamed up with the children’s hospital to transform their intravenous bags for chemotherapy into “superformula” by giving them covers with designs from different Justice League of America members. If that weren’t enough the children’s ward was also given a face lift to resemble the Hall of Justice.

Warner Bros even made offshoot comics showing different superheroes like Green Lantern and Superman using the “superformula” to regain their strength. Something like this is sure to help those kids in the process of recovery. If the likes of Batman and Wonder Woman can deal with needles and going through cancer treatment, then maybe that might give these kids the courage to go through the process as well.


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