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Why You Should Be Hyped For Nintendo’s E3

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas, E3. For those of you who are new to the world of gaming, E3 is when every video game publisher, and especially the big three hardware manufacturers, engage in a penis waving competition of epic proportions. What this means for gamers is tons of demos, news, interviews, and information.

I’m very eager to see what Sony and Microsoft have up their sleeves for their new consoles. That being said, I’m primarily a Nintendo gamers, and accordingly I’m most interested in seeing what Nintendo has to offer. We already know a bit of what Nintendo is planning, and fans of the house of Mario have plenty of cause to be excited. Let’s look at why that is. All aboard the hype train!

Bayonetta 2


What Is It? With the original Devil May Cry, Hideki Kamiya redefined the action genre for the PS2. Devil May Cry was fast, fluid, fun, over the top, and above all else, totally badass. Devil May Cry made you feel like a god of destruction and gave you the tools to dismember your enemies in unique and amazing ways. For a while, it was questionable if we’d ever see a better action franchise than Devil May Cry (some may claim God of War is better, but I respectfully disagree). Then, we had Bayonetta.

Bayonetta took what was great about Devil May Cry, and cranked it up to 11. The action was more over the top, the bosses were larger, the combat was faster, and the weapons were more diverse. While Devil May Cry 4 felt like it was just spinning its wheels, Bayonetta evolved Kamiya’s formula. Bayonetta received praise from critics and moderately good sales, but Sega had a hard time getting the cash together for a sequel. Nintendo stepped in, and while some fans of the series ironically hate Nintendo for saving it, the rest of us are just happy that this game is seeing the light of day.

Why You Should Be Excited: You should be excited because Bayonetta is one of the finest action games ever crafted. While the over the top presentation won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s hard to think of a game with more finely tuned and gratifying combat. If you’re an action game fan and you haven’t played Bayonetta, then you’re depriving yourself of one of the true greats.

Xenoblade 2


What Is It? Xenoblade is one of gaming’s best underdog stories. Xenoblade was originally not intended for a North American release, but the fan movement named Operation Rainfall worked tirelessly to convince Nintendo to bring the game to America. Shortly after its release, Xenoblade was almost entirely sold out. If you want a copy of the game, you’ll have to pay $100ish dollars on eBay. Not long after its US release, a sequel was announced for the Wii U.

Why You Should Be Excited: You should be excited because Xenoblade was one of the best, if not the best, JRPG of the last generation. Like many modern RPGs, Xenoblade rid itself of many of the elements that dragged the genre down. Random battles were gone, grinding was kept to a minimum, and combat was made to be more active and engaging. At the same time, Xenoblade didn’t forget what made the genre great in the first place. The game offered a deep combat system, challenging optional bosses, tons of unlockables for the motivated gamer, and an unabashedly Japanese story filled to the brim with lovable quirky characters and dramatic set pieces.

Xenoblade showed that the JRPG genre still has plenty to offer. The crazy thing is that Nintendo was never fully behind Xenoblade. Nintendo seems to be putting more faith in Xenoblade 2 (or whatever it is going to be called). The game got top billing at Nintendo’s big “hey we actually have some games headed to the Wii U” Nintendo direct, and has already been confirmed for a worldwide release. With more resources behind it, the Xenoblade franchise can go from amazing to uhhhh amazinger. It’s a word. Look it up.


Yarn Yoshi

What Is It? In 2010, Nintendo had a bit of a surprise hit with Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Epic Yarn ditched Kirby’s trademark vacuum abilities and cartoony art style. Instead Kirby was re-imagined as a piece of fabric in a world of fabric. The unique arts and crafts visual style of Epic’s Yarn was striking, and earned the game several “best graphics of E3” and “best graphics of the year” awards. Epic Yarn proved that creativity could trump raw processing power. It’s time for a spiritual successor to Kirby’s Epic Yarn. This time however, Yoshi is getting the chance to step up.

Why You Should Be Hyped: Yarn Yoshi is a spiritual successor to Epic Yarn that will combine Epic Yarn’s visual style with HD visuals and Yoshi. Kirby’s Epic Yarn looked amazing enough in standard definition, and it’s exciting to think how impressive the game’s visuals can be. In a world of gray and brown, the colorful visuals of Yarn Yoshi will surely stand out.

To make matters even better, the director of the acclaimed Yoshi’s Island will be working on this title. Yoshi’s Island is regarded by many as the best 2-D platformer of all time. Kirby’s Epic Yarn was criticized by many for being far too easy. Hopefully, Good Feel will add a dash of challenge to the game to make the adventure more appealing to veteran gamers.

Wii Fit U


What Is It?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Wii Fit. Nintendo’s fitness game took the world by storm and helped push the Wii to new heights. Wii Fit made for a great beginners fitness regime. It offered a good starting point for those unfamiliar with exercise, and was a good tool for tracking one’s progress.

Why You Should Be Hyped:

Well, maybe you shouldn’t be. For those looking for a good starter workout regime, or something to do when getting to the gym is a problem, Wii Fit is great, and the implementation of the Fit Meter should only enhance the experiment. As someone who uses the Balance Board as my primary scale, the ability to weigh myself off screen is a nice bonus. For those of you who are in shape, or have no interest in using a game to help get into shape, you could safely skip this.

Even if you have no interest in Wii Fit U, you may be interested to see how the game utilized the Wii U’s community features, Miiverse. The Miiverse seems like it should fit Wii Fit U like a glove considering that online weight loss communities are a big thing. If Miiverse is going to catch on with the masses, Wii Fit U is the game to make it happen.

Retro Studios Project


What Is It?

Nobody really knows exactly. It might seem silly to be excited about a game that we literally know nothing about, but when that game is coming from the studio behind the Metroid Prime series and Donkey Kong Country Returns, fans should be pretty hyped.

Why You Should Be Hyped:

You should be hyped because Retro Studios has a history of excellent games. Furthermore, Retro Studios has been snatching up developers from studios like Vigil and Naughty Dog. While we haven’t had official confirmation that Nintendo will be showing off a new Retro project, all signs point to yes, and Retro’s history points to it being awesome.

Super Mario 3D U



What Is It?

We don’t know much about Mario’s forthcoming adventure. What we do know is that it will be in 3D and it will be made by Nintendo EAD Tokyo, the studio behind Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Super Mario 3D Land, and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. That information on its own is enough to excite me.

Why You Should Be Hyped:

The argument over what is the best game ever made is one that will never be resolved, but Super Mario Galaxy has a strong claim on the title. According to Gamerankings.com, Super Mario Galaxy is the best rated game of all time in the eyes of critics with an average score of an astounding 97.64 out of 100. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is no slouch either with an average score of 97.35 out of 100. These scores are well deserved as the Galaxy games are among the most polished, creative, and fun games you’ll ever play. A sequel to one of the best games ever made? Yes please.

A new 3D Mario title is interesting. It’s hard to imagine how Nintendo can really improve over the previous entries in the franchise or how the game will utilize the Gamepad. Perhaps the Gamepad will allow for 2 player coop in a Mario game? At any rate, Nintendo has yet to disappoint with a 3D Mario title (even the weakest link, Sunshine, is a great game), and a new entry in the franchise is exciting.

Pikmin 3



What Is It?

Pikmin is an unusual franchise. While most RTS games are based on soldiers shooting at each other, Pikmin is based on little plant creatures looking for fruit. Don’t let the game’s family friendly exterior fool you though. Pikmin is a creative and challenging RTS series than no gamer should overlook.

Why You Should Be Hyped:

We should have been playing this game several months ago, but there’s nothing we could do about that now. While it’s irksome that we’re still waiting for launch window titles, Pikmin 3 is still a unique experience that will hopefully prove to be worth the wait.

The Wonderful 101


What Is It?

Speaking of games that should have been released long ago, we have the The Wonderful 101. Like Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101 is being developed by the masters of action at Platinum games. In the Wonderful 101, you control a mob of up to 100 heroes who can bond together to form guns, swords, fists, hang gliders, or jello molds.

Why You Should Be Hyped:

The Wonderful 101 has been loved by nearly everyone who has played the game so far. Platinum’s flair for action games mixed with Nintendo’s colorful whimsy seems like a match made in gaming heaven. The Wonderful 101 is also one of the Wii U’s more visually striking titles with a unique aesthetic and a smooth framerate. The Wonderful 101 makes a errr wonderful compliment to Bayonetta 2 offering an excellent action game without content that may not be suitable for younger audiences.  We should have been playing this game several months ago, but there’s no use griping about that now.

Sonic Lost World


What Is It?

Recently, Nintendo announced a partnership with former rival Sega to develop 3 titles exclusively for the Wii U. One of them will be another entry in the Mario and Sonic at the Olympics franchise. While those games are typically fun, gamers were more interested in Sonic Lost World which looks to be a new 3D Sonic platformer.  So far we have nothing but a title screen for the game, but as a long time fan of the blue blur, I’m cautiously optimistic.

Why You Should Be Hyped:

Sonic is a franchise that has been struggling since the transition to the 3rd dimension, particularly after the death of the Dreamcast. Despite a string of mediocre to bad titles, Sonic has been on the upswing lately. The Wii exclusive Sonic Colors was pretty good, and Sonic Generations was even better. Sega has finally realized what people want in a Sonic game.  They want to run, and they want to run fast.  There was no fishing, telekinesis, vehicles, werehogs,or awkward sword combat to be found in Sonic Team’s recent titles.  Their deal with Nintendo likely involves some support with development, funding, or marketing which may take Sonic to the next level.

We’ve seen a little bit of what Sonic Lost World has to offer, and it seems very different from Sonic’s recent adventures.  Sonic’s newest title seems to draw inspiration from Super Mario Galaxy and possibly from the long lost Sonic Extreme.  The game also draws heavily on the art style of Sonic’s Genesis adventures.  Sonic has had a rough few years, but Sega has slowly been refining 3D Sonic titles.

Sonic has maintained an avid fanbase despite inconsistent quality because the franchise is so unique.  There is something special about the Sonic franchise and when everything clicks the experience is incredible.  Sega has slowly but surely building up the quality of the series, and hopefully Sonic: The Lost World can deliver on the promise that the franchise has.

Super Smash Bros.



What Is It?

Even among non-Nintendo fans, the Smash Brothers franchise is one that is held in high regard. Smash Bros is a brilliant example of a game that works on several levels. Gamers looking for a simple pick up and play title can have fun bashing Kirby in the face with Bowser’s claw in a four player free for all. More experienced gamers can analyze frame data, master characters, and play the game at a very high level. Either way, Smash Bros is a blast.

Why You Should Be Hyped:

It’s been over half a decade since the last Smash Bros game (since Nintendo loves milking their franchises so much), so a new entry to the franchise is an exciting prospect. New characters are always a reason for fighting game fans to rejoice, and there is already plenty of speculation regarding which fighters will join the fray this time.

As exciting as new characters are, the most exciting aspect of the game is the potential for a competent online mode. Smash Bros. Brawl was a great game in many regards, but its online mode was limited and laggy. Brawl has some balance issue * cough * Metaknight * cough* that couldn’t be corrected due to the Wii’s poor online interface. With a stronger online interface, patches, DLC, competent online, and dedicated Miiverse communities, the Smash franchise could be even better than it is.

The 3DS


What Is It?

The 3DS is probably the hottest gaming console available at the moment.  The 3DS has had a stellar lineup this year including the amazing Fire Emblem Awakening and the long awaited Luigi’s Mansion. I wanted to focus on the Wii U’s lineup, which is in my humble opinion more exciting, but ignoring the 3DS would be foolish.

Why You Should Be Hyped:

Smash Bros. 3DS, A Link to the Past 2, Ace Attorney 5, Bravely Default, Monster Hunter 4, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, Mario Golf, Pokemon X & Y, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Sonic Lost World, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Project X Zone, and more. Even if Nintendo doesn’t announce a single new title, the 3DS has an incredible lineup for its formerly doomed handheld. There are lots of games that I’d like to see more of at E3.

I hope that Nintendo will have a few surprises in store for E3, but whether they do or they don’t, Nintendo has a mighty impressive lineup. With new entries in their established franchises and strong partnerships with companies like Sega, Nintendo looks to have its strongest lineup of games in years. Whatever people are saying about the Wii U right now, the bottom line for me is that Nintendo is going to be ravaging my wallet and consuming my life over the next year.

What Nintendo games are you looking forward to for E3? Which games do you hope to play as demos at Best Buy? What surprises are you hoping are announced? Let me know in the comments section. And, I’d love you forever if you’d follow me @ GotGame Justin. Whatever your gaming allegiance might be, I hope E3 fulfills all of your gaming hopes and dreams 🙂


  • Aiddon June 3, 2013 at 10:18 AM

    I actually didn’t feel like Bayonetta really evolved anything. If anything, it looked like by the time Kamiya did it he realized he had long been surpassed in the hack and slash category and tried slapping together bits and pieces from DMC, Ninja Gaiden, and God of War. The result was a game that really lacked identity and didn’t really feel that groundbreaking unlike DMC 1, 3, or 4 or Ninja Gaiden.

    I think what I’m most looking forward to are the new 3D Mario and Smash Bros. After Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 I really wanna see what a hardware upgrade can do with the series’ level design. With Smash Bros’ I really wanna see how the Wii U and 3DS versions will differ. The 3DS version MUST be vastly different in order to stand alongside its counterpart. It’s why I felt like games such as PASBR never worked with their cross-platform stuff. A handheld experience MUST be different from a console one. Finding a way for the versions to complement each other would be ground breaking.

    For Retro I hope it’s something brand new. Some people want another Metroid entry, but frankly I’m sick of it. The Prime games are DONE, Retro is done with the series. Time to move on and try something new.

    W101 looks like a load of fun, perhaps the most gamey-looking game in awhile. Pikmin 3 is already set for me. Hope to see more of Yarn Yoshi. Sonic Lost World could be an antidote the series has desperately needed. Looks like they put some Mario Galaxy design into it.

    • Justin Weinblatt June 3, 2013 at 3:44 PM

      I respectfully disagree with your assessment of Bayonetta. Bayonetta does tons of things to improve upon the DMC formula. For one thing, gunplay is meshed together with your primary weapon in a much cleaner way than DMC. Mapping weapons to a held button allows you to integrate gunplay into combos and overall gameplay far more easily.

      Wicked Weave attacks add a necessary clear out technique to your arsenal. These techniques make space control and crowd control much easier which in turn allows for more and more aggressive enemies.

      Bayonetta’s transformations are well integrated into combat in a way that devil triggers were not, dodging was a much needed mechanic, and I feel the variety of weapons was better than DMC. I could go on, but suffice to say that Bayonetta offered tons of refinement over DMC.

      Obviously it wasn’t as groundbreaking as DMC 1 because it was built on the same foundation. If I was forced to choose between DMC 3 and Bayonetta I’d have a tough time. Both fantastic games. However, Bayonetta is head and shoulders above DMC 4 which I don’t think added anything to the DMC formula. As for Ninja Gaiden, I never got a chance to play it. On my to do list.

      Nintendo has a really good understanding about how the handheld market and the console market work, so I’m not too concerned about Smash for the 3DS and Wii U being too similar. I would expect the 3DS version to have more of a focus on single player and customizing characters either through a sticker like system or a create a character like feature. Right now, I’m more interested in the Wii U version, because of multiplayer.

      I wouldn’t say I’m sick of Metroid, but I don’t think there is much further to go with the Prime formula. I actually wouldn’t mind Nintendo continuing on the Other M path. Other M didn’t turn out quite as well as it could have, but I think Metroid could work really well as an action title. I’d like to see something new from Rare, only because I don’t see an older Nintendo franchise that they would work well with.

      Anyways, thanks for reading and commenting!

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