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Xbox One: Microsoft defends consoles looks, says system has “strong personality”

by on June 2, 2013

Xbox One Personality
The Xbox One has been no stranger to detractors and criticism since the reveal on the 21st, taking the brunt of heavy negativity from many in the gaming community. Microsoft continues to defend their new system, and looks to quell the more vocal opinions, with some positive thoughts of their own.

In a lengthy response to growing concerns, Microsoft has issued a special dedication page to the Xbox One on their own website. This write up revisits much of what they presented to us on the 21st, but focuses on what Microsoft believes many have over looked as strengths for the Xbox One.

While much of what’s mentioned will sound familiar, the developers working on the machine go to great lengths in trying to convey how much time went into making the new console.

Some of the members of the team share some personal anecdotes in how they went through dozens of iterations before the final design. They feel the final look of the Xbox One showcases a “strong personality,”  and that the final design was supposed to represent a “holistic” approach for the Xbox One user experience.

Microsoft continues to defend the console on what we already know, but fails in reassuring us what many want to know more about, and that’s the games.

MS has a lot to live up to, come this E3.

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