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Shadow Warrior available now on Steam for free

by on May 31, 2013

Shadow Warrior
In a move undoubtedly tied to the announcement of a reboot, Shadow Warrior makes it’s way to Steam in the best way imaginable: as a free download.

Originally debuting in mid-1997, Shadow Warrior was developed by the same studio that brought to us the first-person-shooter classic, Duke Nukem 3D. Shadow Warrior came out only a year later, and used all of the lessons learned in over-the-top violence and humor that made Duke Nukem the game it was.

Anyone interested at taking a look back,  you can now do so for free. All you need is Steam and a few free minutes.

Need a better advertisement as to why you should play Shadow Warrior? You can decapitate enemies with a katana, and rip out the beating hearts of those who stand in your way…what could be more therapeutic?

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