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Report: Arkane Austin developing Prey 2


Bethesda isn’t ready to let go of Prey 2 yet. After leaving its original owner Human Head Studios, the game was shopped around to various developers and has finally found a home.

According to Kotaku, Prey 2 is in development at Arkane Austin, the studio behind last year’s Dishonored. An unnamed source told the site, Bethesda forced Arkane to work on the game, scrapping everything its previous developer Human Head Studios has made. This mandate upset some of the team members, but higher-ups told the team to treat it like a new System Shock, a game that inspired Dishonored. It’s possible, under the hands of Arkane, Prey 2 could be something completely different than what we’ve seen before.

Prior to Arkane, Prey 2 was under development at Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian. It was offered to Rebellion (Rogue Warrior), but the studio declined.

Arkane consists of two studios. One in Lyon and the other in Austin. The Kotaku source said both studios are working on different games. Harvey Smith, a lead designer on Dishonored, and co-creative director at Arkane, recently moved to Lyon. Bethesda has said it would like to turn Dishonored into a franchise.

Source: Kotaku


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