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Review | Fuse


Having enjoyed the hands-on demo for the game a few weeks ago, I was excited to finally go the distance with Fuse, Insomniac’s team-oriented third-person shooter.

In a nutshell, the game is fun, with over-the-top weapons, enemies and plenty of shenanigans from the four playable characters.

Let’s be frank though, if you’re going to be playing this game, you want to be playing with three other people to truly get the most out of the experience.  That’s not to say you couldn’t enjoy it with one or two additional friends, but the A.I. can be a little fidgety at times, so playing solo really shouldn’t be an option.  As for playing with others, it can be done online or via split screen mode, and if you do decide to play with less than four people total, you can take advantage of the game’s Leap capability, which lets you jump into the shoes of another character, so long as they are not being player-controlled.


Half of the game’s fun is using each character at least a few times, as Jacob, Izzy, Naya and Dalton all have their own set of primary weapons, with each one building up their own experience points, which can then be used to unlock abilities in the game’s skill tree.

Jacob gets to shoot a flaming crossbow that essentially turns enemies into melted waste, which was my favorite weapon in the game.  Dalton gets a Mag Shield, which creates a force field that lets teammates hide behind and shoot while helping you avoid damage.  Then there’s Izzy’s rifle that crystallizes opponents.  This weapon was quite useful as crystallizing opponents allowed teammates to open fire as the enemy was essentially stuck.  Izzy became a great character to use especially when dealing with a lot of enemies. Finally, Naya’s weapon created black holes, which may have been the coolest looking attack of them all.  When playing with a group of friends, each weapon became invaluable and key to finding success.


The game’s premise is simple – an alien energy source has been discovered and has fallen into the hands of a rogue group that is making weapons and machines of war.  It’s up to Overstrike 9 to take matters into their own hands and recuperate the energy.  Throughout the game, you’ll come across all sorts of crazy looking mech enemies, soldiers and even helicopters, but after a while, the action sort of becomes repetitive, despite the various locations.

Players will likely finish the game within 6-8 hours, which isn’t too bad, but there isn’t much replayability here.  Sure, you can jump into the game’s Echelon mode, which works like a sort of wave mode with different objectives that absolutely has to be played with friends.  Going solo will get your ass handed to you and can become quite frustrating.

The game’s personality more so shines through the previously mentioned characters, as they play off each other pretty well and add to the overall enjoyment.  Ultimately, this is the kind of game that may not be overly deep, but is enjoyable enough to play when you’re looking for some gunning action with a hint of laughs and a sprinkle of destruction.  While Fuse isn’t exactly Insomniac’s finest work, it’s a start and hopefully one that can be used to build off of for their next game.


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