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Pachter: Xbox One and PS4 to sellout, predicts successful launch for both

Console War 1
Michael Pachter, an analyst who is no stranger to the gaming community, made remarks in an exclusive interview with GameZone, in regards to the next generation of gaming. The analyst shared his thoughts about the upcoming launches for the Xbox One and PS4, and believe both will prove successful, come launch day.

Pachter is quoted with the following:

“I think both Sony and Microsoft will perform really well, and think that gamers come out on top, because they will have more choices than ever before.”

Pachter also believes what each system will retail for, The Xbox One going for $399 and the PS4 retailing for $349, respectively.

While I don’t disagree with Pachter’s point, I believe he has  overlooked a few crucial details. Both systems will likely have  multiple tiers, and the big console developers regularly under-manufacture, creating a supply and demand, with a sellout sure to follow. The core guys will always be there day one, so Pachter may be making an easy call here.

Still, some thought provoking predictions from the always vocal analyst, and one that continues to remind us of the impending and chaotic rodeo that will be E3.


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