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Next Metal Gear Solid V trailer to include lots of gameplay footage

Next MGS V trailer to feature lots of gameplay footage

Next MGS V trailer to feature lots of gameplay footage

As reported today on the unofficial Metal Gear Solid site, the next Metal Gear Solid V trailer will include a lot of actual gameplay footage.

Kojima’s original Japanese posts, which were translated by IGN kieraz spoke of how he tried to make a few corrections to the visuals of the earlier trailer that he organized. Says Kojima, “The structure and organisation is very different for cases like Anubis, Castlevania, Rising, etc where I started editing after all the subject matter was complete (delivered), and cases where I was editing at the same time as production of the subject matter was still underway (MGS2, MGS3, MGS4, PW etc).

‘With things for which footage has already been completed, you can make a PV using editing skill (sense) alone, but that won’t work for things under production. You need to make on-the-spot judgements every hour of every day about things like: Will the subject matter be ready on time or not? Will the quality be right or not? Will the gameplay be enchanting or not? It’s not a question of simple editing alone.”

While this comment doesn’t point to the next trailer having more gameplay footage, in English Kojima said, ‘‘It’s time consuming since there’s lots of gameplay scenes in the next trailer as it involves too much work besides editing but recording.”

How will the newest game in the popular stealth franchise fare?


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