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access_time May 29, 2013 at 4:45 AM in News by Pashford Murano

Xbox One: game developer James Silva, “We’re Indie, we like Microsoft”

Xbox One

In an attempt at dousing some of the raging fires in regards to the recent outcry of Xbox One anti-indie banter, game developer James Silva (Dishwasher, Charlie Murder) put forth some positive sentiment about working with the gaming giant.

In a candid blog post over on Gamasutra, Silva went about dispelling some of the myths that he think’s have been blown out of proportion.  James went on to explain that the “no self publishing” declaration was suppose to be that of a reassuring statement, with the simple meaning the publisher developer relationship between Microsoft and indie devs will remain the same.

James Silva goes into further detail:

“Working with Microsoft is great…and it’s unfortunate that “everything’s fine” doesn’t really register as newsworthy…there is currently a “Microsoft is bad for indies” narrative trending in gaming news.  I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy nut, but narratives happen.

When one indie says they’re never working with Microsoft again, the gaming public becomes curious as to whether this is an isolated incident, or part of some sort of ugly truth…My experience is and always has been “everything’s fine,” but, again, that’s not exactly newsworthy.  Nothing is more delicious than that ugly truth.”

Positive words that will hopefully avoid falling on deaf ears, in the currently chaotic discussion about the Xbox One.


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