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Spicy Horse deciding between OZombie and new Alice game

by on May 29, 2013


Alice: Madness Returns developer Spicy Horse will choose between the Wizard of Oz-themed zombie game OZombie and Alice: Otherlands to develop and will launch a Kickstarter for the chosen game in July.

According to a statement from the company via Polygon, Spicy Horse only has the resources and funds to create one of the games.

Spicy Horse is in negotiations with publisher Electronic Arts over a licensing deal for the Alice franchise, and should both companies make an agreement, it will launch a Kickstarter for Alice: Otherlands, the third game in the series. If they don’t reach an agreement, Spicy Horse will develop OZombie and launch a Kickstarter for it instead.

Spicy Horse will not announce whether or not the deal with EA is made until the launch of the Kickstarter.

The Shanghai-based developer is hiring for both games, looking for gameplay programmers familiar with Unity 3D, iOS, and Android.

Source: Polygon, Spicy Horse

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