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Wii is the best-selling console of this generation, followed up by PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

by on May 28, 2013


Since the three consoles launched, there has been a wild competition between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. They have competed on many different levels to attrach as much audience as possible: like graphics, exclusive games, exclusive deals and technology.

It’s now official that the PlayStation 3 overtook the Xbox 360 in sales, while Nintendo’s Wii is the best-selling console for this generation. Sony managed to get on the second place in the first five months of 2013, when the PlayStation 3 outsold the Xbox 360 by one million units.

We all know the real winner is Nintendo’s console, but the company dropped its advantage by launching the Wii U, one of the worst-selling consoles.

We can’t wait to see who is going to win the next-gen console competiton.

Source: VGChartz

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