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access_time May 28, 2013 at 7:48 AM in News by Pashford Murano

The end of Curiosity: conclusion of Peter Molyneux’s bizarre game finally reached


Peter Molyneux’s recent IOS/Android title “Curiosity”, has finally reached it’s inevitable conclusion, with some surprising results. The title first appeared late last year, and was a free-to-play game that involved a huge cube, with tens of thousands of players tapping away, trying to reach the center of it’s contents.

While it took several months, and a whole lot of tapping, lucky player Bryan Henderson was the one to tap the final cube, the final cube of over 25 billion tapped in the 150 day span of the title’s existence. The reward inside was more than most people thought would be promised, and is even revealed in a video by Peter Molyneux himself.

Seen below, is the very same video found in the center of the cube upon the game’s conclusion:

Turns out in a small twist of irony, Curiosity was in some way a hype campaign for 22cans’ new game Godus. Not needless advertisement however, as Curiosity participant Bryan Henderson has been granted an intriguing honor in being the player to reach the end.

Molyneux went into some brief detail in the video, in stating Bryan will be granted status as a “digital god” in 22cans’ new title Godus. Peter Molyneux states Bryan will govern all other players as this digital god, and will decide the rules for all others to follow.

Not only that, but Bryan will also directly benefit from the game’s financial success, a nice bonus. While details on Bryan’s upcoming reign as digital god have yet to be made more explicit, you can expect further madness from Peter Molyneux himself, and what this means for his upcoming game Godus.


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