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access_time May 28, 2013 at 9:21 AM in News by Liam Stanway

Microsoft Explain Their Choice of Name for the Xbox One


It’s now been a week since Microsoft unveiled their new flagship console, the Xbox One, and some controversy has risen up surrounding the odd choice of name for the console. Today Microsoft’s Jeff Henshaw spoke to CNET and has explained why Microsoft decided to go with Xbox One as the name for their new console.

“It only takes a little while before you realize what’s going on underneath that name. There’s something very powerful about it. Xbox One really embodies the concept that this is the first device,”

A bold claim, but it is true that the Xbox One is combining a lot of new features. But that still doesn’t fix the problem that many gamers have seen with the name; What if it gets confused with the original Xbox? It’s not an awful conundrum, but it does still present a problem.

“The original Xbox was just the ‘Xbox’, it wasn’t ‘One’. But this vernacular formed where people referred to it as the Xbox. Even today during interviews, I’ve slipped.”

“There’s incredible power in this device, married with the next generation of Kinect for really enabling those subtle interactions between you and your entertainment,”

“[The Xbox One] is really the embodiment that this becomes one device that addresses all the entertainment that you want to enjoy on your TV,”

So “One” is meant to reflect the unique nature of the upcoming console. It’s supposed to be a device that does everything for you. It’s supposed to be the tool you use whenever you want to do anything.

Sorry to break it to you, Microsoft, but isn’t that one of the points of having a gaming PC?




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