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Buy or Sell: Xbox One Edition

It’s been a while, but we’re finally back with a brand new edition of Buy or Sell! In this edition, we talk to Sean Garmer and Ryan Bates about the Xbox One announcement and get their thoughts on the console.

Xbox One Two

1. You were satisfied by the amount of information given for the Xbox One reveal.

Ryan Bates: SELL. I mean, I didn’t expect them to play all the cards in their hand at once. But they hardly played any cards at all? And what they did play were a couple of deuces and a three. We’ve all seen the mock video by now – TV, TV, sports, TV, sports, sports, Call of Duty, dog – but what they don’t remember is how much they talked about games, which is what most of us were looking for. I don’t care what makes the Xbox One a glorified cable box. Sorry.

Sean Garmer:  BUY. They actually showed us the box and the Kinect, which is something we didn’t get from Sony. Everything else was pretty much what Sony did. I think maybe 30 more minutes where they explained why Kinect has to be connected, if the console was always on, showed if the internet explorer supports video, and showed a few more games would have been perfect. However, I’m not going to hate on Microsoft for what they showed because E3 is around the corner.

2. “Xbox One” is a pretty cool name.

Ryan Bates: BUY. It isn’t much worse than the NextBox 720 Project Durango Fusion Infinity.

Sean Garmer:  SELL. I liked Xbox Fusion and Xbox 720 wasn’t bad either. Xbox One is confusing for people because we already had a “Xbox One” 12 years ago. I understand what Microsoft was going for because of the “all in One system.” But the fact that when I do a Google image search and I get more pictures of the original Xbox and not the Xbox One bothers me.

3. Microsoft was smart in saving the games for their E3 press conference.


Ryan Bates: SELL. Like I said, I didn’t expect them to play their whole hand all at once. But for God’s sake, give us something! We’ve seen Madden and NBA Live and Call of Duty year in and year out. And we got what, like ten seconds of Quantum Break. No idea what it’s about though. Throw the gamers a bone here!

Sean Garmer:  BUY. I know this may not be the popular answer but because Microsoft waited so long they had A LOT of information to share with the audience. They did the right thing in trying to catch the casual audience with all the TV and Entertainment stuff they showed. They did show a few games, but I felt more like they were trying not to overshadow “Call of Duty Ghosts,” which is silly because that game will also be available on Sony’s system too.

4. Given what we know about the console so far, you are excited.

Ryan Bates: SELL. Given what we know about the console, I’m not excited, I’m a little angry! No backwards compatibility. Kinect required to just turn on. “Not-always-on” turns into “almost-always-on.” A fee to play used games or new games at someone else’s house. Xbox LIVE accounts linked to your voice and your heartbeat. It’s borderline Big Brother thought-police at this point. It’s almost disgusting.

Sean Garmer:  BUY. I’m going to Buy with a mild interest because I found all the TV stuff interesting. There is still a lot of stuff left unanswered and this really felt like a small part 1 with E3 being the BIG Part 2. What this did was get me more excited for E3, not so much specifically for the Xbox One.

5. Force feedback for the controller’s triggers is a sweet feature.


Sean Garmer:  BUY. I’d like to see how it works and how it enhances the rumble of the whole controller. The first thing I was thinking when I heard of this is maybe when you get stiff armed in Madden and you feel extra rumble on the right side of the controller. But it does have me intrigued.

Ryan Bates: BUY. I really love the part where you can play all those Xbox 360 games you spent all your hard-earned money on. Oh, wait, that didn’t really happen? Damn. I guess force feedback is better than a sharp stick in the eye. I gather Microsoft would charge $6.99 per stick, and you’d only be able to use it once in one eye only.

6. Though details are still murky, should the console require a small fee for playing used games, it would be a deal breaker.

Sean Garmer:  SELL. Ramon you are hilarious, you worded the question in the way that it seems things are not going to happen. Phil Harrison let the cat out of the bag and unless Microsoft decides to change that it doesn’t look good for the Xbox One. Charging someone $60.00 to play a pre-owned game is absolutely ridiculous. I understand used games hurt the game industry bottom line, but I bet 50% of games would not be played or have a series today without the likes of Gamestop, Amazon, and more places that allow trade-ins and purchase of pre-owned games. This seems like Microsoft wants to stick it to Gamestop and they don’t care much about the consumers wanting various ways to experience their product. As a supporter of Gamefly too, I think this is absolutely wrong to them. I will say this if Microsoft decides to make the fee 10 or 15 dollars I don’t think it will have a negative overall impact at all. This isn’t going to make me not buy the console, but it will severely limit how many games I get to play because I don’t have $60.00 to spend on a game more than maybe twice a year.

Ryan Bates: BUY. Anything over 1 penny is an egregious fee. Period. The economy is tough, gamers are using what disposable income they have for this form of entertainment. You’re going to tack on other fees under the guise of “anti-piracy?” Call it greed, pure and simple.

7. You thought the TV features for the console were impressive.

Xbox One TV 2

Sean Garmer:  BUY. I really liked all the TV stuff, especially the fantasy football snap option and the skype thing too. We all want to be able to do two things at once when playing games and Microsoft did a great thing in choosing to put that in the Xbox One. Being able to use Kinect to do specific things is also very neat as well. Hopefully we hear more things as E3 nears.

Ryan Bates. SELL. If I ever get so lazy that I find changing the channel by voice and by hand gesture “impressive,” physically get me out of the house as soon as possible, because I have officially crossed the legal limit of lazy. Would have rather got some cool gaming features.

8. You want an Xbox One.

Sean Garmer:  SELL. Right this instant, no I don’t because what matters here is games. I’m sure after E3 I will really want a Xbox One (or maybe not if all the negative out weighs the positive.) Microsoft did a lot of positive things with the press conference, but once they show off all those exclusive games and what the system can do graphically I’ll be able to make a decision more then.

Ryan Bates: SELL. I’m going to save my official judgment for after this year’s E3 show, but as it stands right now, I don’t want an Xbox One. I’d rather save my money for a gaming console.


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