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League of Legends gets a new trailer

If you were one of those that believed that a game had to be a new commercial release to get a cinematic trailer, you’d be wrong. League of Legends creator Riot has posted a new video on their YouTube channel showcasing several of the more popular champs in combat.

The trailer for the popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena)  opens up with Twisted fate leaning against a pillar. He is soon attacked by the scarecrow Fiddlesticks and counters the crows Fiddlesticks sends his way with his cards. The ultimate victor in this confrontation is left up to the viewer’s imagination, as the scene soon shifts.

As the scene shifts, we see Ryze, who is fleeing something. We soon find out that the person, or creature, rather, that Ryze was fleeing is Nocturne, who, as many League players would agree, can be a pain to fight (but then, so can all of the champions showcased in the trailer). After Ryze and Nocturne battle it out, the scene shifts again.

This time, Garen is seen fighting off Katarina. Garen seems to win, however his finishing blow is stopped by another champion. This champion proceeds to injure Garen, and it appears that Garen will soon be finished, but a little girl named Annie shows up with a fireball, knocking the champion back. Annie quickly summons Tibbers, her teddy bear, however Tibbers does not last very long.

The trailer ends with Baron Nasher showing up, devouring the demonic bear, and the three champions appear to set aside their differences to face the new threat.

Will the combined might of the three champions be enough to hold off Baron? Will they be able to keep their differences out of the mix as they struggle against the epic monster? If we go by typical League games, the answer will likely be no, but it could always be different in a cinematic. Happy gaming!


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