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Confirmed: Xbox One will be region locked

by on May 27, 2013

Xbox One Two
Microsoft has just confirmed that Xbox One will be region-locked, only allowing it to play games bought from the country where the console was originally bought. In big lines this is not new, as Xbox 360 was region-locked too. But if we look back at the Xbox 360, it was locked on regions: Europe, Japan, America – so there still was a possibility of buying games from abroad.

The only thing that makes me reconsider in buying an Xbox one is that the current lock on the console is country based.This means that if you buy a game from a different country, the game will not work for you. This is a shame, due to the fact that a lot of people are getting their games from other countries. Personally, I live in a third-world country, and the prices for games here are 50% higher than the UK. It’s safe to say that Microsoft’s Xbox One started off on the wrong foot.

Source: Digital Trends

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