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access_time May 25, 2013 at 3:26 PM in News by Pashford Murano

Xbox One: Huffington Post defends new console amidst the hate

Xbox One TV 2

In what seems to be a never-ending parade of Xbox One negativity, there yet remain a few defenders of the system’s worth, in response to the loud outcries.

A new defender enters the fray, as Huffington Post contributor Eric Yaverbaum’s latest article asserts the “all in one approach” is the way to go.

In his article, Mr. Yaverbaum elaborates on his point:

“Critics missed the point: the unveiling of the Xbox One was not a competition against PlayStation, or even an existential argument for plugged-in devices in the smartphone age…By packaging all these extraordinary capabilities so elegantly and by leading with such length in every facet, Microsoft has practically won the war for the soul of the living room already.”

Mr. Yaverbaum’s approach is a positive and calm one, referencing Microsoft’s ability to predict technology trending in the past as a huge plus. He dissects the event as a rowdy success, and one that could reformat the living room in Microsoft’s favor, effectively gaining a massive casual following in the process.

I appreciate reading the divided opinions, and have noticed the few staunch defenders may be onto something.  I certainly felt confused and let down after I watched the Xbox One reveal, but my approach is incredibly gamer-centric. Many of those who have spoken in defense of the system, have been quick to assert that there will indeed be positive backlash, in regards to an extremely large casual interest.

In almost all cases of observation, the defenders of the Xbox One, have come from a non-gaming background, further lending credence to their own speculation that non-gamers, are in fact excited about what the machine is capable of.

I can understand gamers fears in some of the misguided focus at the reveal. However, in examining some of the differing opinions, Microsoft may indeed do with the Xbox One, what Nintendo did with the Wii: please non-gamers.


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