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access_time May 25, 2013 at 2:10 PM in Culture by Pashford Murano

Xbox One: Gizmodo accuses gamers of “being nuts” and “just jealous” at system reveal


In an article that went up on Gizmodo.com, writer Kyle Wagner has set off some tempers in the gaming community.

The article entitled “You don’t hate the Xbox One, you’re just jealous”, seems to be taking a defensive stance of the system reveal, which was followed with some harsh feedback.

Kyle Wagner goes on to explain his point:

“you’ll hear a variety of reasons why the Xbox One is not for gamers—why it’s a horrible misstep…but none really tap into what’s really eating at the gaming elite. They’re mad that they’re not the center of attention.”

Mr.Wagner goes onto explain much of the negative feedback the system is receiving, which he observes is largely due to the consoles focus of inclusion through multimedia.  Kyle presumes that gamers missed the point by declaring: “…to a lot of gamers, mainstream means casual means awful means this Xbox sucks. And that just makes no sense at all.”

While I believe Kyle attempts in looking at this from a different perspective aren’t entirely wasted, divergent thinking is harmful if the bare truth is toxic enough. Referring to obvious anti-consumerist policies such as mandatory installs, is sticking up for the wrong people.

If the Xbox One’s used game policy comes to pass as horrendously money focused as it seems up to this point, an entire portion of gaming economy (the used market) will be effectively knee capped, and possibly even destroyed through this serious act of proprietary power grabbing.

Needless to say, a thought provoking article non the less, and one that is sure to continue to fuel the flames of both sides of the Xbox One hate fest.


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