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The Witness: New developer diary discusses indie intrigues

by on May 25, 2013

The Witness 1

Sony released a new developer diary over on the PlayStation Blog, taking a closer look at the new indie developed exclusive for the PS4, The Witness.

In the new video, Witness creator Jonathan Blow (Of Braid Fame), took to the camera to explain the perks of being an indie developer. He goes on to say The Witness is definitely benefiting from Sony’s indie friendly stance on gaming, and  the open and easy relationship of developing on the PS4 will help The Witness in the long run.

Even from first showing at the PS4 press event earlier this year, I was incredibly intrigued by The Witness, and it’s subtle premise in creating a world “full of meaning”. This developer diary does easy work, in reminding me why Jonathan Blow continues to be a leader in indie development, and why The Witness will be a delight to play, come the launch of the PS4.

For anyone interested, you can find the video in full below:

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