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access_time May 22, 2013 at 10:54 PM in Culture by Pashford Murano

Xbox One: Fail fest spectacular

The Xbox One reveal reminded us all of one thing: hell hath no fury like the internet appalled. Following the rather lack luster reveal from yesterday, the internet is a flame with jokes, parodies, and memes, poking fun at the “TV-focused” console, the Xbox One.

Youtube user DarkbeatDk, created a parody video that went viral shortly after the event, and helped to showcase the ridiculous lack of gaming focus the console seems to have:

Not only that, but Kotaku has rounded up some of the more circulated jokes at the Xbox One’s expense, and knowyourmeme has already a massed, likely the most complete collection of parodies and photoshop hit jobs, in making fun of the “all in one” experience that the Xbox One really doesn’t represent.

While it’s not uncommon for press reveals to be met with some dismay, and there have been equally absurd blunders in gaming’s pass, many concur the Xbox One reveal was more of a stumble than a show off. Between some horrible mis-steps, involving anti-consumerist policies and efforts at restricing devs, Microsoft is going to have to need an impossibly good E3 showing, in undoing some of the damage that they have themselves created.


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