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Rumor Has It: ‘Deadpool’ might be all up in your Wii U’s business


Is there an internet version of a Freudian Slip? If so, Amazon Canada might have had one. According to Gamespot, the Canadian retailer listed the upcoming Deadpool for PS3, Xbox 360… and Wii U.

When the game was announced (by none other than the Merc with a Mouth himself) it was confirmed for PC as well as the Microsoft and Sony consoles, but no mention was made of the Nintendo eighth-gen. However, the Canadian outlet for Amazon.com has listed pre-orders available for the Wii U, with a 12/31/13 release, the gaming equivalent of “To Be Determined.” In contrast, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions drop June 25 in North America.

The upcoming rated M superhero action title, which freely admits to using gratuitous violence, big explosions, and boobies – because Deadpool likes it that way – goes against Nintendo’s family-friendly image, but lines up with Nintendo’s corporate strategy since E3 2012 to reclaim the more “hardcore” group of gamers who grew up with Nintendo but migrated to other consoles.

Of course, this could be chalked up to “user error,” but let us all remember: Nintendo was the console that originally brought us Conker’s Bad Fur Day. A character as warped as Deadpool wouldn’t be unheard of.


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