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access_time May 22, 2013 at 2:27 PM in Xbox by Tom Stovall

Microsoft Believes Having Xbox One Be Backward Compatible is “Backward Thinking”

No Xbox 360

Yesterday, at the big  reveal for the Xbox One, it was relayed that the system would not be backward compatible with the Xbox 360 or the original Xbox, and therefore wouldn’t be able to play any of those systems games.

This raised a huge stink among many players and caused a drop in GameStop stock shares since the company relies heavily on sales of used games.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft’s Xbox division, addressed the issue saying, “If you’re backwards compatible you’re really backwards.” He went on to say that only about 5 percent of players would use a new system to play games from older generation consoles, and to Microsoft that just didn’t make sense putting that in the new console.

There is a little light on the horizon though, because content such as music, movies, and TV shows that were bought on the Xbox 360, can be transported over to the Xbox One.

For now, there hasn’t been word on whether or not Microsoft will make it possible to play old Xbox 360 games via download through Xbox Live or if they might release a special edition collection of hit selling Xbox 360 games put onto a disc which can be read by the next-gen Xbox.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Polygon


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