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Deus Ex Machina: Creator starts Kickstart campaign to make sequel

by on May 22, 2013


Back in 1984, Mel Croucher made a little game called Deus Ex Machina and it was a game quite different than most.  At the time most games would come in cartridge form for home consoles but this game required two tapes.  One tape could be played on the ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit computer used in the United Kingdom, and the other plays the riveting soundtrack from the stereo in the background.

Croucher is hoping to get his vision of developing a sequel or “reimagining” done along with certain stretch goals like Oculus Rift support, extra language options, and hopefully a film.  Sir Christopher Lee would return as Narrator with Chyna Whyne, Chris Madin, Joaquim de Almeida, Mary Carew and Sulene Fleming providing acting voices.  Also in the package would be a remastered version of an original performance by Ian Drury.

Croucher and his team known as Automata Source are looking to secure £64,000 to develop the sequel.

[Source: Edge-online]

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