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access_time May 21, 2013 at 11:13 PM in Culture by Pashford Murano

Xbox One: “hyper real” and not real enough

While the Xbox One reveal has many of us marveling at the sight of a new console, not all of us are on board with Microsoft’s “groundbreaking” foray into the 8th generation of console gaming.

Xbox One Reveal

Over on gamasutra, editor Leigh Alexander vocalizes a more cynical approach, to what she considered the “hyper real fantasy” Microsoft is in fact trying to sell us. Leigh points out MS is taking a lot of liberties with the Xbox One, in assuming TV is still relevant enough to merit a gaming console to be focused around the traditional ideal of the living room.

Miss Alexander also makes the astute assessment, though she reported on the reveal itself, she did it all through the use of multiple devices, non of which were a TV. Through this truth, Leigh helps to observe the reality MS is trying to ignore. Most of us only live in the”fantasy of the privileged”, and don’t in fact have the means, lifestyle,  or living conditions one would need, in order to use Xbox One in an ideal manner.

Overall, a very savvy take on an event some met with blind acceptance, and others met with blind dismissal. Leigh helps to articulate why, and brings up a point I’ve myself  pondered about. In trying to “move forward”, companies are sometimes so blinded by fake demographics and idealized versions of the “american dream” in regards to technology, they forget who their main user ends up being.

Hungry and Broke.

If you have a moment, check out Leigh’s thoughts over on gamasutra. You may have a different take after wards.


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