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access_time May 21, 2013 at 3:09 PM in News by Liam Stanway

Xbox One features detailed


We’ve taken a look at the technical specifications of the Xbox One, but what about the features? It definitely shares a few features with its predecessor, the Xbox 360, such as all the media apps and Microsoft’s SmartGlass interaction. However, there’s some new things to look forward to:

  • Multiple OS’s for multi-tasking
  • Built-in media player and social media interactivity
  • New Kinect sensor can read full body movement and heartbeat
  • Voice and facial recognition

The voice and facial recognition software that’s part and parcel of the Xbox One combined with the new advanced Kinect sensor will allow you to use many features of your Xbox One without ever having to pick up a controller. The speech and facial recognition is advanced enough to tell different people apart. Using this software you’ll be able to turn your Xbox on without having to log in or select an account, as your Xbox One will be able to tell if it’s you or not.

With just a few words or waves of your hand you’ll be able to switch between programs, search the internet, and much more.

The separate OS’s mean that you can have different programs running in different ways. You’ll be able to switch effortlessly between media and gameplay as well as the various other things that the Xbox One is capable of.

This incarnation of the Xbox will also have the most media interactivity of any previous generation. Using the new media interface and guide, you can flick between various TV shows and media programs. The software will also learn from your choice and taste in media and compile lists of things you might like. Failing that, the social media interaction means that you can find out what your friends are watching whenever you might want!


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