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Xbox One: A closer look at the new controller

by on May 21, 2013

After a long wait, the Xbox One has finally been revealed by Microsoft. Needless to say, it made some waves.

Xbox One Two
While Microsoft went into quite a bit of detail about the tech inside, and the machine itself, many other details were left not fully explored. One detail may were still curious about after the event, involved the ins and outs of the controller itself, in all of it’s new found glory.

Xbox One Controller
In a more candid investigation of the Xbox One controller, Stephen Totilo over on Kotaku, had a rather informative exchange with a Microsoft employee named Lavine, who went into further detail about the controller itself. In the interview, the newly improved D-pad makes special mention to better fit fighters: a regular complaint about the 360 game pad. The “view” button takes the place of the back button, in which to provide contextual in-game menus to pop up on the fly, and the triggers have also received a massive over-haul…the triggers even vibrate now!

Check it out -> http://kotaku.com/the-tiny-cool-details-of-the-new-xbox-one-controller-509188976

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