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Resident Evil: Revelations terrifies with new Raid Mode characters; HUNK and Rachael join the fray

While Resident Evil: Revelations impressed 3DS owners with the sounds of screams early last year, the game is back from the dead, so to speak. Revelations has been re-hauled, enhanced, and getting a slew of new goodies for it’s console relaunch on the 21st. Some of theses new surprises, come in the form of new playable characters for the game’s “Raid Mode”.

Anyone who’s familiar with the Resident Evil classic mode “The Mercenaries”, will have a good idea of the fast paced arcadeyness that lies in wait. The two brand new characters, exclusive to “Raid Mode” on the consoles, are Rachael and HUNK.

Rachael was a newly introduced and ill-fated protagonist in Revelations, and brought forth a lot of controversy with her initial unveil, due to her *ahem*, unusual choice in suitable clothing for a viral outbreak.

Rachael Assets
HUNK,  otherwise known as “Mr.Death”, is a long time fan favorite from the Resident Evil’s of old. A former mercenary for Umbrella, HUNK was known for his battle bravado, showcasing a resilience few other soldiers had, and was usually the only member of his squad to return from the mission alive.

As if having both as exclusives wasn’t cool enough, you can also look forward to some of their outlandish looking unlockable costumes.

Including “Ooze Rachael”:
Rachael Undead Assets
And “Lady HUNK”, which may possibly be one of the most absurd unlockable costumes for a character I’ve ever seen:

Hunk Lady
With promise of brand new content, entertaining developer diaries, new trailers, and glowing previews, anyone who missed out on Revelations on the 3DS, is in for a serious double dip.

Revelations to hit on all major consoles May 21st.


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