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Peter Molyneux thinks Microsoft has “won” this generation of consoles

by on May 21, 2013



Peter Molyneux, the man behind great game like Black & White and Fable, has made a very bold statement in which he implied that Microsoft “won” this console generation, and it’s no longer in competition with Sony and Nintendo.

“Its competition is no longer Sony and Nintendo, but rather Apple, Google and Samsung. Rightfully, Microsoft can claim it won the last console generation. However, it has always targeted the living room as the big prize. That’s why it packed the 360 with an array of “living room” features to try to persuade us that the machine could be a mix of set-top box, internet music streamer and Facebook browser,” he said.

He also belives that the world has changed, and all technology manufactures are now refreshing their hardware on a weekly basis. So, it won’t be very exciting to launch a new console as it was 7 years ago when Xbox 360 launched.

If you did not know, or lived under a rock in the past few days, Microsoft will host a conference today. The company is planning to reveal the new console and maybe much more.

Source: Digital Spy

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