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access_time May 21, 2013 at 12:28 AM in Nintendo by Tom Stovall

Game and Wario “Crowdfarter” parody in full swing


Today, Nintendo launched a Game and Wario website disguised as a parody of Kickstarter.  Touted as “Crowdfarter” the smelly, greedy, garlic breathed Wario introduces himself and his wishes to create the best game ever.  However, he can’t do it alone and urges site visitors to help donate to his cause by spreading the word about the game via Twitter and Facebook.  Besides having a video narrated by his greasy self asking various people what they think about the game, he also has an example one of the games right below the video/ad which shows one of the Warioware series’ cast, named Ashley, riding a broom and collecting desserts.

Just like Kickstarter, the website has a list of goals and what donators will get in return should those goals be met.  The first goal is 5 bajillion coins and if that is met then donators will receive a special digital badge proudly proclaiming, “I crowdfarted!”. If goal number two is met, which is 25 bajillion coins, then donators can download a special Wario wallpaper.  The third goal will be met when 50 kajillion coins are collected and then the donator will get to download a special Wario ringtone.  The fourth and final goal will be met when the coins reach 100 katrillion and the prize is a new trailer for the game.

Wario also gives a brief description of the game and mentions how the majority of the mini games will be played using the Game Pad  and mentions two games called Pirate and Gamer.  There is also a game release countdown and a tabulator of how many coins have been “donated”.

Game and Wario will hit North America on June 23 and June 28 in Europe.


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