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Nintendo Direct 5/17 Next Sonic To Be Nintendo Exclusive Nintendo Partners With Best Buy For E3 Demos


Nintendo hosted another Nintendo Direct today.  While this Nintendo Direct was not jam packed with announcements, there were two really interesting bits of information.

Firstly, the next Sonic game, Sonic Lost World, will be exclusive to the Wii U and 3DS.  Exclusive Sonic titles are hardly a new thing, but Nintendo announced a partnership with Sega which seemed to indicate that Sonic would be a Nintendo exclusive franchise for the near future.  Unfortunately, there were no real details about Lost World offered.

So, still bummed out about Nintendo’s lack of an E3 press conference?  Well, you might perk up when you hear this.  Nintendo will be partnering with Best Buy to offer their E3 demos at over 100 retail locations.  Personally, I’ll take playable demos over a big conference any day.  There may just be a method behind the madness.  Brilliant move by Nintendo.

In other news, Mario and Sonic will again participate in the olympics in a new game that will use Wii remotes and the Wii U Gamepad.  No release date was announced for the game.  Based on the footage shown, the new entry will be similar to older entries in the franchise, which is good or bad depending on your opinion of the franchise.

We saw three new modes for Game and Wario, which will release on June 23rd.  Island is a dart/shuffleboard type game where players will launch Fronks (a weird little thing from Wario Ware) at a spinning dart board like island.  The game supports up to 5 players with one Game Pad.  Kung Fu is an auto jumper game, think Doodle Jump, where the TV screen offers a standard view with the Gamepad offering a top down view.  The top down view will let you see into pits, some of which are safe to enter.  Patchwork is a puzzle game that is… well, like a jigsaw puzzle.  Game and Wario will be offered at a budget price of $40.

New Super Luigi is coming on June 20th, and it will feature a new playable character.  Nabbit, the klepto rabbit from New Super Mario Bros U, is now playable.  Nabbit cannot obtain any power ups, but to compensate he is invulnerable to enemies.  Nabbit offers an easy mode perfect for young or inexperienced gamers to join the fray.  If you own New Super Mario Bros U, you can download the DLC on June 20th for $20.  For those who don’t own the original, a standalone disc will be available on August 25th in a snazzy green case for $30.

The Wonderful 101 will be available on September 15th.  Nothing else was said about that game.

That covers the major news, but here are some other tidbits.  Zelda Oracle of Ages and Seasons will be available for $4.99 each, allowing gamers to buy both for about 10 bucks.  Pikmin 3 will feature 3 new playable characters named Alph, Brittany, and Charlie on a quest to find food.  Resident Evil Revelations will feature a new “Infernal” difficulty along with Hunk and Rachel as playable characters for Raid Mode.

Lastly, Nintendo promised another Nintendo Direct “around the time of E3” to detail future games.

Not too much, but I really do like Nintendo’s E3 strategy, and Sonic as an exclusive makes a lot of sense and should help the Wii U differentiate itself from its competitors.  Let us know what you think about the news.


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