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Anthony’s Wishlist #2: Movies that Should Be Video Games


Hey there gamers and welcome! To another Wishlist of mine featuring mentions to media that would not only function well adapted into videogames, but deserve it, too. Now I know these lists may seem ridiculous, but any gamer knows—there can never be enough video games out there to quench our fingers! So let’s have a round of applause because this time, I won’t be considering TV—it’ll be movies. Which I am a huge nerd about.

1.)    Terminator II: Judgement Day


Let’s kick the list off strong with the classic action blockbuster that everyone hails by as a pinnacle of action and science-fiction. With a gigantic mythology that spans all manner of mediums, you must be frowning at this very moment. Isn’t there already a game about this? NO. There isn’t. In fact, there hasn’t been a game based on this installment since 1993, which is a damn shame because everyone knows there’s only two movies in the entire franchise that could possibly be your favorite. And Terminator 3 is not an acceptable answer.

I know that interest in the series has died off, and that it’s already been a while since Salvation failed to kickstart a new branch of films, but I think there’s a loyal fanbase to this particular entry—which released in my birthyear no less. I’m a huge fan, and considering it’s such a pivotal piece of action-history, I believe strongly there should be a new release console game based on the plot, or at the very least on both the first and second film together. It could function as an open-world survival game, or you could move through the scenes of the story—either way, the film is remarkable and if executed correctly, so could a game in this decade. That Salvation game just doesn’t count.

2.)    Kill Bill, Vol. 1 and 2


Sticking with the action, here’s another movie that could be a terrific Hitman-style game. Only, with all the flair and grit of a Tarantino movie. I’m pretty sure this was in the making, but I have no idea where it went. But I know where technology went, and it could definitely suffice the story now. With so many chapters and obstacles and internal history to explore, the Tarantinoverse was practically made for Video Games. Is Reservoir Dogs not a version of Trouble in Terrorist Town? Ah-ha!

Anyways, Kill Bill is a dynamic story with an incredibly long plot whose protagonist is more or less something of a superhero, albeit resembling more of a graphic novel’s hero. This is further insisted by the extravagant and indeed successfully perfect Anime sequence based on Oren Ishii’s background. But swordplay has always been a mainstay of video games, and the movies’ fusion of modern-day weaponry with swordplay would translate extremely well into the video game industry. Brisk, funny, and over-the-top, I can’t imagine a more fun video game adaptation, if done right of course. A given.

3.)    They Live


Now, this generation may be unfamiliar with the B-movie sci-fi classic. It’s cheesy, funny, fresh, and there’s a ten-minute long fight scene in the alley that starts casual, sways to funny, becomes boring, and then becomes funny again. Well, let me fill you in on the plot in a nutshell. Essentially, the protagonist is an average Joe moving from town to town trying to get work when he accidentally stumbles upon a church—which hides an organization secretly fighting against extraterrestrials hidden among us. There, he nabs shades they developed that let you see the aliens for what they are, and action ensues.

Well, B-movie action, anyways. Chewing bubblegum and kicking ass, etcetera, etcetera. The bottom line is, that a movie remake would take away the charm of this film. But a video game could have total fidelity, and still be successful—much the same way the Warriors game worked. I think this is a lost film that deserves some attention. Also, it was directed by John Carpenter! Who sadly also helped make the score. *Shivers.

4.)    The Crow


Ah, The Crow. This 1994 film based on the comics of the same title is a genuine action classic. What a tragedy that we lost Brandon Lee so soon, because I can only imagine where he could have gone. He had all the charisma necessary to become a true action star, and if you re-watch the film, you’ll see many hints of The Dark Knight’s Joker in there—mannerisms, voice, hair and all.

Anyways, this revenge tale of a man come back from the dead to take vigilante justice on those who raped and killed him and his girlfriend is a frenetic, dark, but often humorous gothic tale that just begs to be turned into the Dark Knight video game we never got. Sure, there’s a console game based on one of the sequels, but this original story could be executed so well. And if elements of the comics were taken, there’s sequel value, too.

5.) Cloverfield


Oh, Matt Reeves. Your cameraman is the same guy that filmed The Hunger Games, isn’t he!? Goodness, that man was on caffeine overload throughout this movie. However, although the camera shakes about wildly, JJ Abrams’ stamp is all over this solid piece of entertainment, and I truly believe that the film would deliver a considerable piece of survival-horror gameplay.

And if Abrams became involved, he could expand the mythology of his creature the way he always wanted without having to force it onto his directing-marathon plate. Again, you wouldn’t have to follow the plot, but it would function just fine regardless. I see a few Dino Crisis style scenes in my imagination already.


And now, for a bonus entry! I just couldn’t resist. I love movies way too much, and the ideas are just boiling. Speaking of the Statue of Liberty all gone to hell…

6.)    Planet of the Apes


…oh! That’s where the rest of her went.

First of all, Rise of the Planet of the Apes right off the bat gives Summer Blockbusters a good name. With a protagonist like Caesar, you couldn’t lose. This was the reintroduction to the series that everyone wanted after Tim Burton ruined it for even the most casual viewer. (He would also go on to ruin Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland remakes).

The game could be centered on the original franchise, which is technically comprised of sequels to this newly established series. My point was, that interest is truly sparked again, and I can only imagine where Dawn is going with the virus wiping out humanity. A game based on the original, an anchor of science-fiction—written by Rod Serling no less, thus the fantastic twist ending—would make for some fantastic plot. There’s so much to explore, that I can’t believe there isn’t already a game out here.


And that’s that. I hope you all enjoyed, because next time, I’ll be listing Five Graphic Novels that Should be Games!! Thanks for reading. Or you know, for just scrolling down the list to see what I picked and completely disregarding my work! Hah.



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