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Preview | Company of Heroes 2


Company of Heroes 2 is a WWII era RTS.  From what little they let me play on the preview version, this game looks awesome.  Solid gameplay, epic war music, and hordes of expendable conscripts to send to their deaths…I’m already hooked.

Having never played the first one, I don’t know how this one improves upon it, but compared to other RTS games I’ve played, there are some nice features.  My favorite feature is the soldiers’ use of cover when fighting with an enemy.  The men in a unit will use whatever cover is available when moving and fighting at the same time.  They can also use buildings.  Good use of cover can make an outnumbered group of soldiers much harder to kill.


The ability to recycle weapons is another awesome feature.  Kill a flamethrower guy…now I have a flamethrower.  Find an abandoned AT gun, and sneak it up behind their tanks to prevent them from killing more of your expendable Red Army troops than absolutely necessary.  Without engineers to plant mines and other explosives, killing tanks with infantry is tricky (you need to take out a Tiger tank on one level with no armor of your own).

The engineers seem like they ran build a lot of different buildings in addition to the explosives and barbed wire they can place.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to check out any building construction in the preview, but come June 25th, I look forward to constructing tank works and rolling on Berlin.

For the Motherland!


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