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E3 2013 Floor Map (Exclusive)

Well E3 is less than a month away and alas no floor map has been revealed. So by using my sneaky ways of deduction, I can once again provide an early bird look on how the floor will be arranged. Keep in mind that this is not a final map and is subject to change.

So far this new booth arrangement paints the picture of the crazy financial turmoil the video game world is in right now. THQ is gone, Atari didn’t return, and App developer Gree who had an ungodly sized booth last year, has bowed out completely. I don’t remember Gree having anything memorable to showcase so it was probably a smart choice.

This year, 2 big name companies that have opted out from buying booth space; Take Two Games and Namco. In the past 4 years I’ve attended E3, these booths were always an E3 staple. Is this a sign of their financial situation or is it the lull between transitioning of next gen consoles? It will be quite interesting to see if they will be back with booth space next year.

The Big 3 (Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft) are still together in the West Hall and they are joined this time by Tecmo/Koei. With their booth being right in front of the door, I can’t imagine how much that prime real estate cost them!

In the South Hall, the loss of Take Two and Namco really opened the floor up for more 3rd party developer space. Many people like myself hardly has a spare minute to even venture out that way, but with less booths to look at, I can’t help but wonder if it will be even more crowded at the remaining booths. Crowds last year were already hitting some annoyance levels and I’m sure this will make it even worse. Comparing to last year’s Floor map, we see a handful of companies playing musical chairs. The biggest change is Capcom taking Warner Brothers old spot since WB decided to scoop up Namco’s empty space. With Take Two out of the picture, Konami moves up, while Sega squeezes themselves in between Activision and Square Enix.  With games like Skylanders Swap-force and a new Final Fantasy being teased for this years E3, that might have been a good move.

E3 will definitely be a critical year for games so stay tuned to Gotgame.com throughout the event for exclusive coverage next month!

E3 2013 Floor Map

E3 2013 Floor Map

E3 2013 Floor Map

E3 2013 Floor Map



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