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access_time May 14, 2013 at 10:52 AM in Culture by Ryan Bates

VP Biden: ‘No legal reason’ why video games couldn’t be ‘sin taxed’


I’ve long supported the bold stance that Vice President Joe Biden has taken on essentially everything. Compared to many other politicians, he says what he thinks and believes what he says. But this, to quote the Vice President, is “malarkey.”

And, oh look, a religious neo-con is involved. Who would have guessed?

According to GamePolitics.com, the Veep commented on a idea to impose a sin tax on “violent media” such as Mature video games like Call of Duty by saying that there was “no restriction on the ability to do that; there’s no legal reason why they couldn’t.”

No legal reason, except for all those pesky precedents set forth by the US Supreme Court, including Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Association. And let’s be clear: “violent media” is politicalspeak for video games, as no mention of film, television, or musical lyrics were made.

The idea came from our friends over at the Fundamentalist Neo-Con Looney Bin Emporium, specifically from the somewhat Reverend Franklin Graham. Graham is the son of the late, and certainly-more Reverend Billy Graham, who wisely knew how to keep his nose out of politics.

Conservative outlets are unsurprisingly outraged, such as the Washington Times‘s declaration that VP Biden hates everything from the First Amendment down to Grimm’s Fairy Tales (just about). Though conservatives claim this outrage is from those who would attack the First Amendment, it’s more likely that it stems from the fact that words came out of a Democrat’s mouth.

It’s nice to see Neo-cons so passionate about the First Amendment. Maybe they can use some of that passion to get behind that whole “law respecting an establishment of religion” separation of church and state thing.


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