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access_time May 14, 2013 at 8:38 PM in Features by Ryan Bates

Male Miis no longer able to freely marry other male Miis in Japan


Nintendo has had their fair share of problems to resolve as of late, from industry critics who scoff at their lack of a pre-E3 press event and condemning the Wii U to failure to a shaky financial platform causing a major managerial shuffle at their American headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

But don’t worry, folks. They fixed the gay thing.

Nintendo has reportedly issued a patch for the Japanese 3DS title Tomodachi Collection: New Life. As GotGame reported last week, the game had a glitch wherein male Miis could marry either female Miis or other male Miis in the sim, akin to The Sims 3, which also allowed for same-sex relationships. The glitch was a pleasant surprise for many progressive players, who took to posting cute pictures of their male Mii couples getting married, bathing together, and spending loving time together in adorable G-rated Mii versions of life.

The patch, however, would prevent male Miis from being attracted to other male Miis, and that anyone experiencing “human relations that have become strange” should download the patch.

Strange human relations.

Nintendo, to quote a popular Internet meme, “wut?” Sorry. The only thing wrong with the glitch is that female Miis couldn’t marry other female Miis. We shouldn’t even be having this argument in a video game, but alas, here we go: two Miis who love each other should be able to love each other no matter their Mii-gender or Mii-orientation.

Two males loving each other, Mii or otherwise, are not “strange human relations.” These two are “strange human relations.”



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