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Resident Evil: Revelations demo shambles onto the Wii U

by on May 13, 2013

While some of you may have caught RE:Revelations when it first hit the 3DS early last year, the rest of us, were left high and dry.

Until now:

Anyone who missed their chance at Resident Evil’s return to classic survival horror, or just want to double dip the delight, on May 21st (EU release a few days later), you’ll have your second chance. The game has been overhauled with HD visuals, some new content, and reformatted to feel good on a traditional controller, all the while bringing the scares and creepy ambiance classic Resident Evil was all about.


Capcom announced a demo for all major consoles, and it looks as if the Wii U was lucky enough to get it first.The Resident Evil: Revelations demo will be live on the 14th, on the Nintendo eShop (free of charge of course). The trial should help in scaring Wii U owners into the realization that this isn’t a title to be missed.

Look for the full retail version of Revelations to drop on the 21st.

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