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Is The PS3 Getting Tales of Symphonia Perfect Edition?

by on May 13, 2013


If the Tales series producer, Hideo Baba, has anything to say about it then YES!  However Namco Bandai, the owners of the Tales franchise, has stated nothing on this potential release so take this rumor/report with a grain of salt until the official word is out.

According to Mr. Bada the Perfect Edition will not only contain the classic Gamecube (and PS2 in japan) role playing game but also its Wii sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.  No word if the Perfect Edition will be based on the Gamecube or PS2 version, nor did Baba stated a release date.

With E3 coming around the corner hopefully Namco Bandai will be more open to talk about Tales of Symphonia Perfect Edition in the near future. And if this is true I have one suggestion; release this on the WiiU as well please. People remember the Gamecube version more so then the PS2 one anyways.

Source: Polygon


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