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Defiance pushes forward with new content

by on May 13, 2013

Despite lofty pre-launch expectations, and a luke warm reception following there after, Defiance looks to wow PC gamers, with bigger and better content.

Defiance 1The shooter MMO that could is self-aware of it’s own middling offerings, with members of the dev team having a good sense of humor about Defiance’s mixed success. One of the devs has even written in agreement, toe the game being likened to a B-Movie: lacking a lot of depth, but not without a better sense of entertainment.

Defiance 2
On the game’s blog, Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson promises 5 different pieces of DLC throughout the year, all offering various levels of financial entry. Players looking to continue having fun, will be able to do so without breaking open their wallets. The first pack already has quite a bit on offer, with the entry level free bee’s starting with new weapons, modes, and customization on offer. Paying customers will of course get the premium swag, such as access to new achievements/trophies, full blown arenas, and even a new race to play as.

For any of you looking to waste some time with something a little different, keep your fingers crossed that Defiance finds some well needed success through an Origin or Steam sale at some point in the future.

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