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Respawn Point | Week ending 5.12.13


M is for the many games she got us…

O is for… um… other stuff right here…

T is for Tetris, which doesn’t fit in the rhyme scheme…

H is for… aw heck. Forget this.

R is for Respawn Point, and like your mom always nagged about, we’re putting down the controller for two stinkin’ seconds to clean up this mess of stories that slipped through the cracks, putting them neatly back onto shelves and then we’re going to go outside and play for gosh sakes! (With our 3DSs and PS Vitas firmly in hand, of course.)

But of course, we can’t start until we wish all the moms out there a Happy Mothers Day. Thanks for letting us game, or for the really cool moms, gaming with us. And for the coolest mother of all, my mother Dawn, Happy Mothers Day Mom! I love you and now the whole Intert00bZ knows it.



SEGA Serves Up a Tasty Baker’s Dozen for Nintendo


Speaking of great memories from childhood, remember the Nintendo/SEGA wars of the ’90s? Man, those were fun times. You all remember the commercials, right? “Genesis DOES what Nintendon’t.” (Appropriate response from Nintendiehards: “Yeah, which is SUCK!”) Ask us old-skool gamers back then if we thought the two would ever work together, and we would laugh heartily in your face for at least 43 seconds.

But that was then, and this is now, and SEGA is finding their partnership with Nintendo to be quite healthy, thank you very much. According to SEGA’s latest financial results, of the 1.36 million units moved for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, over a third of them were sold for Nintendo consoles, with 310,000 selling on the Wii U alone.

With healthy numbers like that, it’s no wonder SEGA has no less than seven SKUs lined up for the Wii U. There’s no indication yet whether these are original titles/IPs, remastered editions, or collector’s editions/box sets, but it does show that SEGA is dedicated to the first eighth-generation console. Sonic’s creators is also set to release six SKUs on the portable 3DS console.

On a related note, SEGA has yet to apologize for the abysmal Genesis adaptation of Jurassic Park.


GameStop Pulling Plug on PS2 Pre-Owned


Speaking of dinosaurs, the PlayStation 2 is on its way out. I know, big shock, right? Sony stopped producing units last year, and now GameStop has announced that if you have PS2 games to trade in, you had better get your $2.98 now, because they won’t take them after May 31.

In a statement released to IGN, GameStop representatives affirmed:

“We can confirm that as of June 1st we will no longer be accepting the PS2 console or its related product for trades. We know that the 12 year old system is a popular one and for many gamers, GameStop is the only place to find a great selection of its games. We will still offer a wide selection of the PS2 hardware, accessories and games in many of our stores and online for several months, based on remaining stock from trades.

We are very excited about the upcoming PS4 and are making room in our stores for it and other new platforms expected this fall.”

Hmmm… I’m pretty sure I still have that copy of Final Fantasy VIII around here somewhere. And I could totally go for a Big Mac right now…


Majestic Views, Vaulted Ceilings, Constant Threat of Attack From Ganondorf


Speaking of imaginary money, ever wonder what real estate goes for in Hyrule? It’s not cheap, as Princess Zelda would tell you, but according to real estate website Movato.com, if you have an extra $114 million lying around, you TOO could (pretend to) buy Hyrule castle from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Prospective buyers take note: The above figure does not account for homeowner’s association fees, utilities, US dollar to Hyrulian rupee conversion, or salaries for dancing Redeads.


Trailer Trash Time!

What’s better than Marvel superheroes? DC superheroes!

OK… what else is better than Marvel superheroes? Marvel superheroes in LEGO form! This week’s “Trailer Trash” brings you Spidey, Deadpool, and other Marvel heroes in teeny tiny form.



This week’s Story That We DID Cover But Is So Important I’m Bringing It Up Again:


Josh Boykin wants you to set yourself on fire, then hit yourself in the face with a sharp ax.

Hmmm… I suppose I should clarify. Josh Boykin wants you to download Krieg, the newest DLC character for Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 2, then, while playing as him, set your character on fire and hit him in the face with a sharp ax.

Krieg is listed as a “psycho bandit,” which pretty much sums it up. His abilities include pyromania, explosives, and killing as much as humanly possible. For example, you can boost the “Mania” skill tree to improve melee combat by 2.5 times its base. Trade-off: the nutjob runs a 12% chance of swinging his ax into his own skull.

What could possibly go wrong with that?


And finally, this week’s Gamer Lawl of the Week…

Brought to you by Gaymer X – Everybody Games

Is it just me, or did Darkstalkers 3 have some of the weirdest victory quotes of any fighter? Thanks to the team at Zany Video Game Quotes for pointing this out.


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