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access_time May 11, 2013 at 8:30 AM in Features by Josh Boykin

Borderlands 2’s Krieg is a psycho bandit. Emphasis on “psycho.”

Borderlands 2 - Krieg

Tons of people still create mayhem in Gearbox Software’s smash hit Borderlands 2, loving the pure madness and co-op frenzy the hybrid first-person shooter/RPG offers. The newest DLC character on the rise, Krieg, will kick that madness up a notch as his approach to conquering Pandora is a little…unorthodox, even by Borderlands standards. How do you feel about setting yourself on fire, then setting the enemies around you on fire? Or maybe you’re into having your friends shoot you, actually causing you damage to increase the damage you do? If this sounds like a good time to you, then you’re in luck; Krieg’s your kind of character.

Kotaku went hands-on with Krieg and put him through the paces; here’s a quick breakdown of his…personality:

  • He’s got a thing for blood. One of Krieg’s skill trees revolves around stacking “Bloodlust,” boosts which increase with the more kills and damage you do. Stacking skill points in these options can provide increase damage, reload speed, grenade damage, and even attach a stick of dynamite to your axe. Yeah. A DYNAMITE AXE.
  • You could say he gets a bit “manic” under pressure. The “Mania” skill tree makes insanity an operative skill in your gameplay: you can increase your melee damage by 2.5x its base, so long as you’re willing to take a 12% risk of swinging that axe right into your own face. Dying can send you into a fury where you fling dynamite at enemies instead of crawling on the ground, and you can even blow yourself up to try and take out enemies. By the way, if you blow yourself up AND take out an enemy with you, you’ll come right back.
  • Maybe he’s from Down Under. WAY Down Under. Krieg’s third skill tree, “Hellborn,” makes fire Krieg’s best friend. You can use fire to reduce the damage you take or increase the fire damage you deal to baddies. Oh, and you can breathe fire too, if that’s what you’re into. (If you try to convince me that you’re not into breathing fire, I simply won’t believe you.)

You can check out more details on Krieg and a couple gameplay videos over at Kotaku, or you can wait for the DLC to drop this Tuesday, May 14th. You can grab it for $10 on your chosen platform.


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