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access_time May 8, 2013 at 10:26 AM in Features by Ryan Bates

Gay marriage is legal! (At least in a Japanese Nintendo game…)


Unless you live in Japan, it’s pretty unlikely you’ve played Tomodachi Collection: New Life. The simulation title is hardly one that a player would equate with a little controversy, but that’s what’s happening in Japan right now, according to Kotaku. Basically, think The Sims but using Miis instead of Sims, and you have Tomodachi Collection and its sequel, New Life. In it, a Mii can get a job, raise a family, and make friends.

Male Miis can meet, romance, and marry the female Mii of their dreams. Or they can meet, romance, and marry the male Mii of their dreams.

The feature, which has quickly earned the Twitter tag of #homokore in Japan (a play on #tomokore, the nickname for Tomodachi Collection), allows male characters to interact romantically with other male characters. Players have posted photos online of their gay Miis cuddling, dating, proposing marriage, honeymooning, bathing together, and even raising kids. Many players like the feature, finding it a great addition; some players even confess that this feature made them want to buy the game more.


However, one Twitter user claims to have contacted Nintendo about the feature, who told them it was actually a “bug” that needed to be patched. Nintendo has not confirmed nor denied this claim.

It would be very disappointing if Nintendo claims this as a bug. The only bug in this situation is that female Miis can’t do the same with other female Miis.


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