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access_time May 6, 2013 at 8:56 AM in Features by John Speerbrecker

I Need 10 Things Before I Buy Call of Duty: Ghosts


We have been treated with a teaser trailer for the next upcoming Call of Duty Game : COD Ghosts.  In the teaser,we are treated to a very cryptic message. It speaks about the relevance of masks in battle and how they have evolved through the year. At the end, it shows a squad of soldiers who are in full gear each brandishing their tools of the trade. Not much can be proven from the trailer but we can speculate the heck out of it until we see it in action on May 21st when they reveal the next Xbox.

Now, I know that there will be no way that  a lot of these ideas cannot be implemented in the game because that would not make it COD. But it would be an interesting twist.

10. Would it be too much to ask for them to have a first person spearing game? After seeing the trailer with all of the different types of warriors, I think it would be amazing to see how a spartan would fare against a samurai. But I can see where it might get a little unbalanced when they would go up against someone with an M14 assault rifle.


9. Pets. In the trailer, we see a soldier with a dog by his side. Now in the series they are usually a bonus where you are able to request a pack of attack dogs when you get to a certain level of a kill streak. I would like to see the dogs limited to one and have it as a loadout for your character that you can call at any time but if someone kills it, you will be without it for the rest of the match.

8. One thing that has existed ever since the beginning of online multiplayer has been the presence of trash talking twelve year olds. Now not all of them are the cause of the problem, but those that are need to be put down. Is there a way that they can implement a system of reporting where the suspected child can be reported and after they get a certain number of requests. be banned? They shouldn’t be playing the game anyway. They are too good.

7. Elite Service. This came out when Call of Duty 3 was released a couple of years ago. It is a great service, but take it a step further and work on a partnership with other video services such as twitch.tv. I would much prefer to see all of my gaming videos in one place. versus going from site to site in order to watch something. Not only that, but I want full cell phone integration of this service. When I am on my system I am gaming, This would be a perfect inclusion to my time on the commute.

6. Is it too much to ask for a graphics update? When COD 3 came out, I was excited to see all of the upgrades that could have been done to the engine but it felt so much like the previous two, It got old rather quick. I understand that they may smooth out some of the textures but make it so that when I look at a screenshot of it, I will know without a doubt that it is COD: Ghosts.

5. Next gen playability. So with it being announced for the next Xbox. We know to almost a fact that it will be a launch title for the new system.  What I want to see from this is cross platform competition. I know it would be too much to ask for PS4 players to play against Xbox players, but  can it be possible for the new Xbox owners to play against the 360 owners? We can speculate that the development for both systems is somewhat similar but can they make that bit of magic happen and not dumb down the 360 version by making it look horrible compared to the new system’s version.

4. Women? This would be a first in the series to offer a female playable character. If they stick to what they have said in the past in that there are no women in this squad in real life. Then at least include the option for the opposition. The terrorist enemies tend to not discriminate when it comes to including females in their armies. By now we have seen many good players that happen to be female. Its time to reflect that in the character that they use. If having a female in the story line doesn’t fit, that is fine by me, but at least have one in the multiplayer modes.


3. Craftable weapons. With the explosion of 3d Printers out there, people are able to upload a blueprint and create almost whatever they want. This would be a great addition to the game in that you would be able to construct weapons made from different types of plastic and that lightness would be able to give your character the ability to move faster and react more quickly. As you play the game you could possibly collect blueprints for gun components and then after collecting various resources within the game, you will be able to create them and then use them.

2. Masks. This ties into the theme of the teaser trailer. What would be great to see is the inclusion of masks for your character as well as customization patterns using an editor similar to the emblem editor that we have seen in the past Call of Duty games. Of course that means that we would probably see a bunch of Joker/Crow masks, but I’m fine with that.


1. Ghosts. Its in the title for crying out loud. Of course I want to see the specters in the game but they would be extremely difficult to eliminate with current technology. Unless the soldiers in the game are undergoing some severe PTSD and are unable to tell reality from fiction where some of the characters appear to them as ghosts and makes them unable to react as quickly because of the level of fear within them.


We will find out the answers to all of these questions on May 21st when we see Call of Duty:Ghosts in action at the Next Xbox event. In the meantime, use this 100% made up speculation as fact.


  • Ramon Aranda May 6, 2013 at 9:03 AM

    Masks would be cool, as would female characters, cause why not!

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