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access_time May 5, 2013 at 7:26 PM in Culture by Ryan Bates

Respawn Point | Week Ending 5.5.13


We took a quick break last week but today Respawn Point has… well… respawned! So much news this week it’s understandable that some of it got missed. We’re here to clean up the mess like your favorite bartender after drunk white chicks who think they’re “party monsters” blow chunks all over the bar on Cinco De Mayo.


Informants Snitch on GTA‘s New Criminal Activities


Speaking of spew, a lot of GTAV spewed out over the Intert00bZ the past week which Rockstar Games had to quickly clean up. The info flood started with the trailers from each of the three main characters, Huey, Dewey and Louie Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. But that’s where Rockstar wanted the official information to end.

But you can’t hide from the Intert00bZ.

The news came fast and furious, especially concerning the Heists that make up much of the gameplay in the newest chapter of Grand Theft Auto. Heists are not just going to be in-and-out missions, no sirree Bob. Whether it’s a small convenience store knockoff or a major league jewelry robbery, Heists will require planning, crews, and serious prep work, including securing masks, getaway cars, and locations to dump evidence.

Rockstar intends to make GTAV the “ultimate open world,” with about three and a half times the size of land found in Red Dead Redemption. This will include a 24-hour time cycle with weather and water physics, an underwater ecosystem which players can scuba-dive in, and a large celebrity element, especially notable to Michael, a classic film buff. Players will also have a new phone, this time the iFruit, complete with its own apps that will link back to Rockstar’s social platforms.

What it will not have: Hot Coffee.


Batting Clean-Up… PS4


Speaking of lots of land to cover, your friendly neighborhood gaming journalists will have their own sand-box world to cover on the Big Pre-E3 Day, as Sony officially announces it will once again be taking the Monday evening anchor slot on June 10.

The Monday Madness before the Madness stems from the most prominent players in the industry holding their own conferences the Monday before the actual kick off of the expo, with Microsoft getting things running at 9:30 in the morning (Pacific Time), followed by Ubisoft at 1pm and EA at 3pm. Sony will hold theirs at 6pm. Unlike the actual E3 events, however, these mega-conferences take place at various locations around the downtown LA area, including the USC campus (boo Trojans) and the Broadway district.

Many of these events have major star power – last year’s lineup included South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, comedienne and gamergirl Aisha Tyler, and musicians Usher and Flo-Rida. But the star of Sony’s show will undoubtedly be the long-awaited physical reveal of the PS4 console, as well as a showcase of launch titles for their entry into the eighth-generation.

For those who would like to put together a Monday Care kit for the game journalist in your life, please include Starbucks cards, gas cards (for whoever’s driving – which would be me at GotGame), cash for food at Two Boots Pizza (shout-out!) and lots of Red Bull


HOLD IT!! Capcom Reveals Ace Attorney 5 Release Date But Not Really


Speaking of schedules, Capcom has released information on the western release of the long awaited Ace Attorney 5 featuring Phoenix Wright. And now, to tell you more, a video is being cued up with a very special guest star on Respawn Point, Dark Helmet and friends:



Yeah, Capcom’s response to questioning was a nice, vague “Soon.” Of course, at this point in the year, “soon” generally means E3, though nothing can be confirmed. However, Japanese players who pre-order are getting a little DLC bonus. Is that in store for western players? There’s more info “to follow.”



Trailer Trash Time!

In this week’s “Trailer Trash,” we present a game that has been very quietly making waves. If WATCH_DOGS is anticipated to be THE Game of 2013, the somewhat-related theme of Remember Me very well could break through and make it the sleeper hit to watch out for. [WARNING: Adult language ahead.]



This week’s Story That We DID Cover But Is So Important I’m Bringing It Up Again:


Speaking of sleeper hits, do you remember a survival horror game called Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem? If you didn’t, you missed out on a keeper. It was expansive, it was challenging, it had great gameplay, and frankly, it was downright creepy. It currently holds a 92/100 on aggregation site Metacritic, and many a writer, including our own Ramon Aranda, have longingly cried out for a sequel.

Denis Dyack wants one too, though he needs a little help with it. He’s starting a crowdsourced campaign to fund a “spiritual successor” to the game titled Shadow of the Eternals, intended for release on the Wii U and PC. The trailer, released on IGN, shows elements of the troubled IP, most notably including the infamous catchphrase “This can’t be happening!”

Though Ramon has thrown credit cards repeatedly at his computer monitor, the actual campaign starts tomorrow.


And finally, the Gamer Lawl of the Week…

Brought to you by Gaymer X – Everybody Games

Not everyone is pleased by the news of A Link to the Past 2




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