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Eternal Darkness 2 Could Be Possible… With A Little Help From You…

by on May 3, 2013


Well, this is kind of exciting. IGN has posted a trailer of what seems to be a sequel to Eternal Darkness.  The trailer is for a game called “Shadow of the Eternals”.  It’s being made by some of the people who made Eternal Darkness, including Denis Dyack, it features the line “this can’t be happening” and it features Oublié Cathedral, which was one of the locations in Eternal Darkness.

A kickstarted campaign will be started on Monday for the game.  The creators of Eternal Darkness have had a fairly rough time after parting ways with Nintendo.  Their misadventures since then include the failed trilogy, Too Human, the maligned X-Men Destiny, a legal dispute with Epic Games, and accusations of shady business practices.  Still, I’ve been waiting for about a decade to stop stop the plots of the ancients once and for all, so maybe I’ll throw down a few dollars.

We’ll keep you updated when the kickstarter (or whatever crowd source method they use) goes live.

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