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access_time April 30, 2013 at 1:29 PM in Culture by Tony

The Halo 4UM: #3


Well hey there, and welcome to another article on all the new Halo 4 news! This week saw just one movement into one of the things I have always hated most about Matchmaking: the join-in-progress system. Let’s have a rant.

Just about the only players inclined to leave games are those that obsess over their K/D ratio, or those who end up on a lopsided team—that is, all the players over level 100 end up on one side, and everyone else ends up on the other, resulting in a clean sweep. Hell, that’s reason enough for even me to leave a game.

The point is, the only team with available positions just about every time you join-in-progress is the losing team from which there is often no comeback. As long as it takes to find a team, usually at least about five minutes, to end up in a game whose fate is already sealed seems unfair. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me, and while I am no MLG, I feel comfortable within the range of above average skill in a slayer match.

However slightly above that may be. Anyways, 343 took some care to addressing the horrible and still unavoidable issues of the join-in-progress system. Once your team is down by about 100 in any infinity slayer match, you’re probably doomed the rest of the game, and no run with the Gauss Warthog is going to rescue the situation.

Now, if the time limit or the score has reached the halfway point, joining is disabled altogether. A fantastic cure for some of these headaches, but when one considers how quickly a game can take a turn for the worse, it still doesn’t quite compensate enough. Still, with all the adjustments I’m sure you’re already aware of, I feel this is a great move ahead on a program initialized to help in the first place. Thanks, 343.



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