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access_time April 29, 2013 at 10:17 AM in Rumors by Ryan Bates

Rumor Has It: The Haves and Have Nots of the Xbox 720

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The Rumor Mill is working some serious overtime the past couple of months on the unusually-mysterious reveal of the long-fabled NextBox Durango 720, so it should come as no surprise that tech blogger Paul Thurrott has released a list of rumors that Microsoft’s next console will and won’t have.

“So what?” asks Joe and/or Jane Averagegamer. “Everyone is releasing rumor articles about 720.” Point well taken. I mean, look at what you’re reading right now. Everyone is releasing rumor articles. However, Thurrott was the first to correctly announce the reveal date of the console as May 21, so three possibilities exist:

  1. He’s a really good guesser.
  2. He’s got some form of netherworld sorcery going on.
  3. Maybe we should pay a bit of attention to what he’s saying.

Citing a full reveal with launch lineup “on the eve of E3” (presumably Microsoft’s annual pre-3 conference) Thurrott speculates that the NextBox will run on a version of the “Core” (basic) version of Windows 8. Those of you still mourning the loss of the Start button on your laptop, it’s coming to your console too. Two SKUs will be released, clocking in at $499 and $299. Presumably the latter will be more powerful, but what is interesting to note is that speculation says that the $299 will require a 2-year commitment to XBox Live Gold at $10 a month.

That means what everyone’s been groaning about might be a reality: Adam Orth might be gone, but “always-on” is here to stay.

Backwards-compatibility is not, however; the NextBox rumors that it will not play 360 games has more validity, especially now that a third 360 is rumored. The console, codenamed “Stingray,” will be redesigned and offered at a lower price point than 360 console packages on the market today. The NextBox will offer Blu-Ray and will have Kinect integrated into the console.

The name of the console? No one really knows that yet.


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