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“Tasteless” Dead Island Riptide Statue Sells in Europe and Australia

by on April 24, 2013


For those of you who were still hoping to track down the severed torso bust included with copies of the special edition of Dead Island: Riptide (It’s the patriotism of the bikini that’s got you hooked, I’m sure), you can either head on over to Europe or Australia; Deep Silver has still decided even after apologizing for the “tasteless” statue to ship it to select venues.

Yes, we Americans tend to be hypersensitive to sexual gratuity, but one would think that when a company issues a public apology for a product, they would pull it from shelves all over the place and not just from America. Unnecessary sexual gratuity seems to be a big discussion point in the gaming world right now, and stuff like this doesn’t really help. But then again, people are also likely to say, “Hey, it’s just a statue.”

Either way, if you’re in America and you’re looking for one, you can probably just hop on EBay.



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