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access_time April 23, 2013 at 12:53 PM in Culture by Sean Garmer

Just Cause 2 Developer Says Story Based AAA Games Don’t Make Money

Just Cause 2

At a time where games like Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock Infinite put terrific stories into fantastic action adventure games, comes a statement via Twitter from Just Cause Developer Christofer Sundenburg which questions if these precious stories are commercially viable.

“6-12hrs story-driven AAA games makes no sense commercially any more.” He also goes on to say that he believes story missions are not important.

According to Gamespot, Sundenburg’s statement comes from a question he asked on twitter.

“Why should a game have an end? Why bother about the story, when all the data proves players don’t care.”

The problem might be that his data is flawed. Sundenburg provides data from his own game, Just Cause 2, to prove this theory. Sundenburg says that only 18% of the people that played Just Cause 2 actually took the time to complete the story missions. So this leads him to leave another simple minded statement.

“For the record: I love a good story game, I just don’t believe in it for the future.”

So, basically Sundenburg attempts to generalize the entire gaming community based on the statistics of one game he made. Maybe the story for Just Cause 2 was not very good and perhaps that is why only a small minority of the people decided to finish them.

Take-Two just released a game named Bioshock Infinite that is getting all sorts of love from gamers and critics. At the heart of that game is a fantastic story. Maybe he is right that, in general, the gaming public cares more about multiplayer than some lavish story. However, to say gaming stories are not “commercially viable” is absolute rubbish.


  • Ryan Bates April 23, 2013 at 1:03 PM

    Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain) and Volition (Saints Row) would beg to differ with this chump.

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